Sunday, January 29, 2012

Part Five - Come Rain or Come Shine


They pulled into the winding driveway of their beachfront house off the Lane, Giselle still fast asleep. Jon opened the door of the long empty home and hurried back to lift Giselle carefully from the car. She barely stirred, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. He didn’t mind the weight. He’d taken it, her, in general, for granted before, but he knew he’d never forget the oppressive nature of lonely High Point. 

He laid Giselle down, sliding her pants off before moving her to the center. Jon stripped, finding and pulling on boxers as an afterthought. He circled his arms around her, bringing her warmth closer to him. 

“Sleep tight, Sel,” he whispered against her forehead. The sound of lapping waves lulled him into a deep, dreamless sleep.

The bed was empty when he woke up, and there was nothing but the sound of waves and gulls to keep him company. Sunrise was fast approaching. The vibrant, color casting disc was only now peeking over the horizon. With a grumble, Jon went out in search of Giselle. At this time of year, the beach would be all but deserted, the summer residents gone, and the year-rounders taking its beauty for granted. Expecting to find her wandering the beach, he was surprised when he found her asleep in the porch swing. 

Waking her with a series of gentle kisses, Jon watched as her pale green eyes surveyed the morning before meeting his. “Thank you,” she whispered. Giselle shifted on the swing, making room for Jon. He wasn’t sure what she was grateful for. 

Jon shifted so her back could brace against his front, and they could both watch the horizon. He kissed the top of her head, and enfolded her with both arms. Once the sun had finished its ascent, Jon leaned back with a sigh of contentment.

“What do you want to do?” 

She tilted her head back so she could look up at him. 

“Nothing?” Giselle batted her eyelashes and smiled sweetly. 

“Well, we have everything except food. We’re going to have to venture out for supplies some time. Hopefully, before your tummy starts growling because that’s when you start growling.” Jon exposed said tummy and rubbed slow circles on it. 

“Do not!” She crinkled her nose, and Jon kissed it softly. 

“Let’s go back to bed then maybe hit Citarella,” Jon suggested while absorbed in playing with her titian hair. 

“Mmm, bed. Do I get carried again?” 

“Yes, fair princess. It would be my honor!”  He hooked an arm behind her knees, swung her up, and whisked her into the house playfully. 

“You’re a good prince,” she said as he pulled her into his now reclined frame. 

“I’m trying.” 

“You’re doing a good job.”  

He kissed the top of her head. “Rest.”

Giselle was roused from her sleep by an intense need to reassure herself of his presence. She nuzzled her face into the warmth that was Jon’s chest. Crystal blue eyes found hers before he greeted her with a soft brush of his lips. 

They separated to take showers and dress. They met at the front door, laughing at their similar attire. Both had on white oxfords and well worn jeans. The drive down deserted roads was as silent as it was quick. They played in the grocery store, Jon managing to stuff a cold can of whipped cream down the back of her shirt before it fell to the ground. 

Sel leveled him with a stare after she stifled her yelp. She gave the startled worker behind Jon a closed-lipped smile. “We’re going to have to buy that,” she concluded after she examined the bottle with the cracked cap.

 Sel glared at him after he chuckled with a decidedly dirty edge. “Push the cart. You cannot be trusted.” Her jade eyes dared him to argue. 



“The looks are skewering me!” He held up a hand and placed the back against his forehead dramatically. Their shopping trip was finished quickly after that. Soon, they were back at the house and stowing away the groceries. 

Jon sat an objecting Giselle on the island as she directed him on where to put things. Once he was finished, he framed her face with his hands.

“You’re gorgeous.”

“You’ve said that-”

“Accept it. I’d forgotten how beautiful your hair was. Never forgot your eyes.” Jon pushed his fingers into the said locks as his gaze zeroed in on her jade pools.

She blinked as his fingertips rubbed distracting circles into her scalp.

“You never left my mind. And your hair...I haven’t seen it this long since ’95.”

“Upkeep wasn’t on my mind.”

“I know-”

Her eyes closed as he leaned in, his breath brushing over her mouth a millisecond before his lips did. Giselle’s arms draped lazily around his neck as his went around her waist. Jon tugged her closer before lifting her. He felt Giselle stop responding to the kiss and broke away reluctantly. 

“I want to...” 

“But this isn’t different than last night.” He let her slide down his body, his erection protesting vehemently though his brain agreed. 

“Let’s get it over with, but first I need some food.” She pulled out a box of Lucky Charms and proceeded to make herself a bowl. 
“Want some?”

“No, but you’re ridiculously cute when you’re channeling Ro.” Sel laughed at that before ambling out to the back porch. They were discussing the hard stuff before she’d finished the first bowl, the tears coming as she finished the last marshmallow. They talked well into the afternoon, only stopping after they’d worked out their most important issues. It was a start. 

Jon winced at the darkening of the sky before he spoke. “So we stay here for a little bit and we tell the kids?” She nodded, looking down at their interlaced fingers. “Alright. What now?” Jon hoped the twinkle in her eye boded well for him. 
“Race ya!” Giselle leapt from the porch, and Jon groaned then took off after her. Jon closed in on Giselle and swung her up cautiously, arms curled around her body. She wrestled him to the sand, and Jon gained the dominant position then began to tickle her. He stopped when she threatened to pee and was pushed onto his back again. They rolled around in the sand, Jon careful not to injure her, or leave much of his weight on her. She gave him a kiss that left him breathless and achingly hard, then stood.

Giselle rolled her jeans up then ran down the beach, kicking and splashing the ankle height water.

“Sel, can we go inside?” He glanced up at the sky nervously as it continued to darken ominously. 

“I wanna stay out here and play!” She almost squealed, a wave of euphoria taking over. 

“Baby, you’ll catch your death,” Jon said, hoping she’d take his outstretched hand. 

“You sound like my moooooom!” Giselle singsonged.

 The skies opened, and they were nearly immediately soaked to the bone. The old button down of Jon’s she wore was plastered to her skin, her entire body saturated. Jon took her hand and pulled her underneath a lifeguard’s tower. 

“You’re going to be upset when you’re sniffling.” She merely smiled and lowered herself to the sand. Sea air and Giselle cocooned him as he went down into her embrace. 


  1. Awww, I'm loving their playfulness. :)

  2. Yay, update! Thank you:)

    That place sounds really heavenly - I'd love to be there right now, with JBJ of course :)


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